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Types of Services

As a physician, you can utilize your medical knowledge for several types of services.

Designated Doctor Exams, Required Medical Exams & Independent Medical Exams: Evaluating the medical status of an injured patient.

Treatment Planning/Reviews: Evaluating and making recommendations concerning the proper medical treatment.

Second Surgical Opinions: Evaluating surgical candidates.


How We Help

We are a rare and valuable resource. We provide you with a full array of non-medical services to make you more efficient and accurate. This includes providing you with expert staff, multiple facilities and state-of-the-art medical equipment. We take care of all non-medical business functions.

You then have a clear medical focus. You are in control — free of hassles.


Your Goals

What are your future professional goals? Do they allow you time to pursue your personal interests? Physicians have chosen Churchill to assist them with a new "second career" because we can tailor-make a plan that is just right for their needs. You may be in a very busy active practice, but need expert help performing these medical exams. Or, you might be near retirement, and are looking for an opportunity to stay semi-active and generate stable income.

Whatever your needs, Churchill can best help you meet them.


Your Credentials

We at Churchill hold ourselves to the highest standard. Reputation is very important to us. We believe we have assembled the best team to serve our client physicians. Consequently, we are interested in working with physicians who also share this same philosophy of quality and fairness. For this reason, we are looking for physicians with a track record of medical skill and positive energy.


Your Investment

We appreciate the fact that as a physician, you have spent many hours in medical school studies, residency rotations, and serving as an active physician. You have invested much time and energy into a demanding profession. Churchill is now willing to invest in you. We will provide you with the required training.

Combined with our investment in technology, staff and facilities, your evaluations will be of the highest quality in the industry.